The Third International
Conference on Materials and environmental Science (ICMES 2019)

18-20 December 2019, Agadir

Video Of The First Edition Of ICMES (2016)

About The Conference

About The Event

The 3rd International Conference on Materials and Environmental Science (ICMES2019) is organized by IBN Zohr University, National School of Applied Sciences, Agadir Morocco and the Association: Moroccan Center for Sciences Development -MoCeDeS. ICMES2019 is an interdisciplinary platform for researchers and industrials to promote a multi-sectoral and collaborative approach in the field of development of new and innovative approaches in materials and their applications in energy and renewable energy, environmental science and sustainable development, biotechnology and electrical engineering.


National School Of Applied Sciences, Agadir


Wednesday to Friday
18-20 December 2019


  • President of Ibn Zohr University, Agadir

  • Prof. Mohamed WAKRIM, Director of The National School of Applied Sciences, Agadir, Morocco
    Prof. Mohammed EDDAOUDI, KAUST University, SAUDI ARABIA

  • Prof. Rachid SALGHI, Deputy Director of The National School of Applied Sciences, Agadir, Morocco
    Prof. Belkheir HAMMOUTI,Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco

  • Prof. MY Abdelazize ABOULHASSAN, The National School of Applied Sciences, Agadir
    Prof. M'Hammed BELKHAOUDA, CRMEF, Inzegane, Morocco
    Prof. Lahcen BAMMOU, FPT, Taroudannt, Morocco
    Prof.Abdelouahad AOUNITI,Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco
    Prof.Ahmed CHETOUANI,CRMEF , Oujda, Morocco
    Prof.Faouaz JEFFALI,Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco
    Prof.Rachid TOUZANI,Mohamed First University, Oujda, Morocco
    Prof. Mohamed BARBACHI, National School of Appled Sciences; Agadir, Morocco

  • A. Chakir (Reims, France)
    A. El Moll (Tripoli, Lebanone)
    M. Soylak (Kayseri, Turkey)
    B. Tawabini (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
    A. ELDOUHAIBI (Tripoli, Lebanon)
    M. Konstantinos V Plakas (Thessaloniki, Geece)
    M. S. Fattouche (Tunis, Tunisia)
    S.F. ALSHAHATEET (Aqaba UT, Jordan)
    M. A. AMINE (Mohammedia, Morocco)
    M. AZZI (Casablanca, Morocco)
    A. BUMAJDAD (Kuwait, Kuwait)
    M. EBN TOUHAMI (Kenitra, Morocco)
    J. COSTA (Corte, France)
    A. DOUHAL (Toledo, SPAIN)
    E. E. EBENSO (South Africa)
    K. HABOUBI (Al Hoceima, Morocco)
    H. OUDDA (Kenitra, Morocco)
    M. TALEB (Fes, Morocco)
    K. GROENEN SERRANO (Toulouse, France)
    A. ZARROUK (Rabat, Morocco)
    C. JAMA (Lille, France)
    K.F. KHALED (Taif, Saudi Aarabia)
    A. NAHLE (Sharjah, Emirates)
    I.B. OBOT (Uyo, Nigeria)
    M. A. QURAISHI (India)
    M.A. RIOS (Spain)
    R. SOLMAZ (Turkey)
    I. WARAD (Naplus, Palestine)
    M. ZOUGAGH (Ciudad Real, Spain)
    H. LGAZ (Seoul , Korea)
    A. BENLHACHEMI (Agadir, Morocco)
    B. CHEBLI (Agadir, Morocco)
    W.A DIÑO (Suita,JAPAN)
    A. AHMAD (Kuala Lumpur,MALAYSIA)


Conference themes encompasses broad areas of chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and nanotechnology with emphases on research progress pertaining to:

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Prof. Mohammed EDDAOUDI

KAUST University, Saudi Arabia

Speaker 2

Prof. Angel RIOS

UCLM, Spain

Speaker 3

Prof. Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua

Sunway University , Malaysia

Speaker 3




The abstract sent by email of the Secretary of ICMES 2019 ( (See Template). The language of the conference is English.

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Event Venue

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National School of Applied Sciences, Agadir

In 1999, IBN ZOHR University innovated by opening the first engineering school in the region: ENSA-AGADIR. It is an engineering training institution that offers, in five years, young graduates scrupulously selected, professional training, diversified, comprehensive and relatively versatile. The ENSA-AGADIR, which is in principle one of the main components of the network of Moroccan ENSAs, trains engineers capable of assuming the responsibilities entrusted to them and competing with the laureates of the major engineering schools.


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